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Order 66 Podcast Episode 37

2014-09-07 13:19:36 by Keith Kappel

I was a guest last night on the Order 66 Podcast to discuss the Age of Rebellion Game Master's Kit. As usual, had great fun chatting with GMChris and GMPhil, and generally being a disruptive presence on the show. If three hours of my nasal rambling is your cup of tea (we practically could have run the entire adventure in that time), you can listen to the podcast here.

Aces Class Book Announced!

2014-08-22 11:46:33 by Keith Kappel

It's a busy week post-GenCon at FFG, and they have just announced Stay on Target, an Ace Class Book for Age of Rebellion. I worked on this book alongside usual suspects Sterling Hershey and Jason Market, and newcomer John Crowdis. My section was basically all of chapter 1, with the usual character options. FFG's announcement article reveals most of this, including the new species (Chadra-Fan, Dressellian, and Xexto) and the new specializations (Hotshot, Rigger, and Beast Master). Due out Q4 2014.

Force & Destiny Beta Released!

2014-08-20 15:15:12 by Keith Kappel

Well, announced and released, as it were. The F&D Beta, the third RPG product line from Fantasy Flight Games, covering all aspects of the Force, has finally been released. An accompanying article went up on the official FFG site, which can be read here.

While the beta doesn't contain any of my work, I have been told I can state I worked on the Force & Destiny Core Rulebook, which should release some time after the Beta is completed.

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